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Swimming With Dolphin in Key West
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The most common internet search for Key West is Key West Dolphin Swim and the most common
question by far is, "can we swim with the dolphin in Key West?"  The answer is no and should be
no matter what operator you dolphin watch with.  In 1972 the U.S. passed the Marine Mammal
Protection Act which has been amended many times to keep up with humans changing activities.  
illegal to harass marine mammals and harassment is defined as, chasing, feeding, impeding
direction of travel, disrupting daily activities, being too close to, and observing too long.  This is a
quick description of an in depth document.  As eco activities increase these animals are threatened
by our want to be close to and explore them.  For the most part we just want to enjoy and learn
but we need to understand how even the most well meaning activities impact the animals.  As more
and more boats take more and more people, the feeding grounds get busier, calves are harder to
protect and rest is harder to come by.  Feeding encourages begging which brings adults and calves
closer to boat propellers, and compromises the effective learning by the young ones to hunt and
feed themselves. This is just one example of the many negative effects we potentially have on
another species.  Aside from the moral issues, these activities are against the law and subject to
enormous fines if violated.  We try to keep our dolphin happy, healthy, and free so they,
hopefully, continue to tolerate us and let us in on their daily lives.  Please understand and beware
of operators who tell you otherwise!  For more information on the ocean code of conduct please go
NOAA's website here.
Key West Dolphin Swim
Key West Dolphin Swim
Swimming with Dolphins in Key West
Swimming with Dolphins in Key West