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Key West Sunset Cruises
Key West Sunset Charters
Sunset Cruise in Key West
Island Time Charters
of Key West
Sunset Cruises
Come enjoy an intimate evening aboard one of our very private and
pristine vessels for an experience that will be the envy of all at Mallory
Square. Enjoy the famous Key West Dolphin. Snorkel our world famous
reefs. Follow it all up with a breathtaking sunset and a chance to
witness the elusive "Green Flash". Niether class or serenity are spared
on this trip.

Boasting two brand new and pristine boats for charter, Island Time
Charters offers your choice of secluded Island Sunset Charters or
putting you right in the thick of things in downtown Key West. In either
case, it will surely be an unforgettable evening. Give us a call to book
your spot today and learn more about the wonderful opportunities the
Key West water world has to offer.